Any mods for nwn 1 that add party like editor to from nwn2 SoZ

So when i play custom modules in nwn 2 i added the option to add custom party members like in SoZ so i am wondering if such tool is avaiable for nwn 1 because i cannot find it.

I doubt. NWN1 companion system differs very much from that of NWN2.

I like creating my custom party in the modules that i am playing.

I don’t know what SoZ is but there is this. OHS allows you to create characters and save them so you can then add them to your party as henchpeople. I’ve used it some in the past. Really quite well done, but override heavy.

SoZ is “Storm of Zehir”, the 2nd expansion for nwn2. What the op is asking for is the ability to create new companions on the fly at inns and such. They don’t have dialog or quests or anything, but they are full party members and the player “rolls them up” like a new pc.

Fair enough. I don’t do nwn2 because no Linux support. No, you can’t do exactly that. But you could make some characters and save them to the OHS system and then pull them in to make a party as needed. It would not strictly be at inns and such but the effect would be about the same. You’d just have to plan ahead a bit.

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