Any PWs for a single player?

There’s no end to the amount of single player modules here, but I’m wondering if there might be any PWs that keep single players in mind. The ability to pause at any time would be a must, of course.

pausing in a PW? I was going to suggest my up and coming steampunk server, its catered around single player quests and storylines but ima have to pass now. I dont think there are any PW’s that would allow such a thing with other players in it.

Yeah. I didn’t think that through enough before posting. I see that basic multiplayer has the option for players to pause, but the people likely know each other there and it’s limited to much smaller numbers. Unless PWs were able to have personal instances of areas created upon entering them, I don’t see it being possible. Now that I’m remembering, though, I think that a number of PWs have a teleport to safe point ability that can be used for the same purpose.

I wanna say that for the most part, if you need to go away while playing on a PW, you should just log off…
If there are some spots where this is frowned upon, probably not great places to spend your time in anyway.