Any tutorial for setting up an NWNX server and buildings of converting a non-EE module?

?: Is there a beginner’s tutorial for setting up an NWNX server and starting a new NWNX module? I have an older module built for a Windows server using NWNX (MySQL, PHP, ETC) and I’d like to see about porting it over to EE/Linux.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no tutorials. However, the implementation of NWNX in 1.69 and EE is very different. Might be best to look up There’s a getting started page there that will point you in the right direction.

nwnx:ee - over on github have a tutorial on how to setup a nwnx server using linux and/or docker.
I had some issues getting the docker instructions to work on a windows OS due to some OS nuances etc - But managed to follow the nwnx linux instructions on a virtualbox linux environment.

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I finally got it up and running. You take ONE wrong turn… Anyway, I found my way.

Do you have any tips or advice for posterity?

My tips are:

I think I used Baaleos’s APS_include NWNXEE SQL wrapper. I still have issues with how the module creates tables on first run on an empty DB, but I’m using my exported DB for now and it’s working fine.

There were some quirks in where the files end up. Once you run the linux server it seems to create all of the support files in the /root/.local/share/ etc directory, which seems odd since I need to use sudo or root to run it?

But it is working, so, aside from needing to upload the module then copy it to the /root structure it’s fine. That is what caused the confusion for me.