Any way of opening module then importing required hak?

Ignore this. Hak in question was Zwerkules’ Medievalrural. I had Medievalruralcomp in my hak folder. Put original hak in and all is well. Was going to delete but maybe better to serve as warning not to be silly :see_no_evil:

Haven’t come across this before. I’ve been sent a couple of modules to have a look at which require at least one hak to open but I can’t open the module to import the Hak if that Catch 22 type situation makes sense. Any way round this and what should the builders have done to avoid this?

Try to load the module in the toolset without the hak and wait for the error message. Once that occurs close the toolset. Go to your \Documents\Neverwinter Nights\logs folder. In there you will see a file called nwclientLog1.txt. Open that and scroll all the way to the bottom. You should be able to find the name of the missing hak file there.

To change the hak from Medievalruralcomp to Medievalrural. Open the module in the toolset. Go to Edit/Module properties. Click on the Custom Content tab. Add Medievalrural to the list and move it next to Medievalruralcomp in the list. Remove Medievalruralcomp from the list. Click OK.


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Thanks, Tarot. It didn’t even occur to me that Medievalruralcomp, being as I thought medievalrural plus, wouldn’t be recognised. That’s useful info though.

A link to Medievalruralcomp would be useful. There are literally thousands of haks on here and I don’t know them all you know :slightly_smiling_face:.


Well colour me shocked and appalled ! :shushing_face:

It was uploaded by Zwerkules in July I think and called “Mountains and More”. In fact, was it not you who gave me the link originally . . . Just saying’ . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Probably the best tileset I’ve come across.

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Well all you had to say is the compiled version of Medievalrural. I didn’t realise the hak for the compiled version had a different name! I just use the uncompiled version by preference as I only make sp modules (when I make modules) and there is next to no speed difference.


Didn’t realise that. Thought uncompiled would lead me down a dark and unprofitable path . . . .

Actually, I didn’t know that the “comp” at the end stood for compiled - I was thinking compilation of two tilesets or something