Any way to register CD-KEY and download the original game?

Hello folks,

I am in a huge hype to play this game again, but my new PC doesn’t have a CD/DVD reader. I’ve been extensively searching for a way to register my CD-KEY into any official NWN site, in order to download the original game using it, but the search granted me no results whatsoever.

This is my final attempt on trying to solve this, so, if you guys know a way to register my CD-KEY and then download the game through an official website, I’d be most grateful if you tell me how to do so. Also, if you are aware that this is not possible, then let me know aswell.

Thank you!

Given the age of this game you are going to be out of luck registering NwN. But you say you appear to have your original CDs. Without access to a dvd drive you only have two options. You can always buy an external cd/dvd drive (Examples on Amazon) that connects via usb (useful for any optical disk based stuff you have) or you can buy the game again. If you buy the game again you have 2 options. You can either buy the original Diamond edition via GOG or you can pre-order the Enhanced Edition from BeamDog. Pre-ordering the enhanced edition gives you access to the head start program. It’s all explained in that FAQ I linked to.


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One other thing. If you do have your original disks and you have access to a PC (assuming you’re on windows) with a working cd/dvd drive, you could copy the NwN installation disk onto a thumb drive and install it from there.

Finally, if you get NwN either from disk or gog installed you will then need to apply the critical rebuild patch that matches your game and machine.


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Hmm that’s unfortunate, to know that it can’t be registered at all. Yet, I thank you for the suggestions you posted, especially regarding the thumb drive one, I didn’t think about that before.

Thanks mate!