Anybody here who has contributed to modern d20 package?

I’m trying to find any remaining authors whose work is included in the modern d20 package. I’ve sent messages to all I can find, but also posting here and on discord, as I’m sure I’ve missed many.

Many new players never come to the vault and fidling with haks/tlk etc. is a barrier for them. Modules (like my own) that use modern d20 are somewhat hindered by this (which is my motivation :-)) Having it on Steam Workshop makes installation easy, with just one click. CEP is there already.

I have asked Vanya Mia, the current project curator and he has no problem with me uploading it to Steam Workshop, if credits for the authors are preserved. I will of course include the current documentation and credits etc.

I’m not taking credits for any of the work in the package.

Please PM me or write here if you’re one of the authors of the work included in d20. (especially if you don’t want me to upload it to the workshop.)


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Point them towards Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT - it does all that for them as long as they are on PC.


Good in theory, but in practice many players on Steam expect a turnkey solution on Steam Workshop itself, hence the need to upload it there.

For what it’s worth, players who discover my Installation Guild will see a plug for NIT, but I don’t think the typical Steam user ever gets that far.

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D20 haks now up and running on Steam Workshop.