Anyone able to get this file to open?

I wanted to try this system out as based on the, although rather tiny, pic it seems to be based on some kind of verbal or chat system for dialogue, yet when i open it i get an error.

This isn’t a zip archive but a HTML file (wrong extension).

The HTML file itself is useless as well - it appears to be a result of a failed old vault transfer.

i figured that much any chance someone can remove it since it was migrated? I see no point if it can’t be used

I found the author (forum name Krebbs) with Google. His files are available here, but might not be this latest version:



Nice detective work. That’s better than deleting the entry. It’s better to have the broken entry than no record at all. Now if someone is inspired it could be fixed.

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Here are files extracted from that link:
Seems like it’s not the latest version of this package (v.1.2 according to a readme file).


ah its as i figured, thanks for the work in getting in touch with the author. I had a look at the mod and its still impressive even for an early version. i recommend anyone interested to take a peek at it. Its a rather rough outline of using npc triggers like onlisten and what-not.

Theres an improved version of this for a module called Avatarship (re)polished, which uses a very similar system:

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