Anyone getting strange shadows streaming off their PC's?

I have seen this today on two halflings I played (I haven’t tested any other race) where you see two bands of shadows connected to the back of the head leading down to the floor like this below:

It’s a common flaw in custom content, which I’m guessing that head comes from? It can happen to any model, a hand, a weapon, a creature, etc.

Yup…took some heads from the vault. but, I’m sure this one is not one of those. Any way to fix it?

The only fixes are to either remove the model, fix its shadow, or remove the shadow from the model. If the head is indeed vanilla content, you’d have to override it with another model or a fixed one. There are even some who recommend simply downgrading the quality of all shadows through graphical settings, but that’s no fix to me.

This won’t suit everyone, but in my own modules, I turn shadows off in the area settings, because there are just too many issues.

Never missed them, either.

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Thanks guys.

Proleric I did turn off shadows…still had the issue. Never had it before, but now I do.After I decided to remake my haks from years ago and update from CEP 2.4 to current 2.67 and adding a ton of new content from the vault (including heads)…I now have this issue.