Anyone here using Crossover 21 on Mac?

Quick question. I use an iMac where I can play the game natively but use Crossover 20 ( pro version of WINE) for toolset which works perfectly. However, so far that has meant that I’ve stayed on Mac OS Big Sur just to be safe. Now I’m getting emails telling me that Crossover 21 works fine with the new Mac OS Monteray even adding sometimes which it could not run before ( like Elder Scrolls which I liked the look of - the little I saw of it before it crashed!)

It would seem that it is quite stable and offering decent performance but I would hate to be able to play GTA but not use the toolset !

So, is anyone playing on an M1 Mac with Crossover 21 and if so can you confirm that the toolset still works fine?

If you have an answer I was thinking of getting Crossover 21 but still unsure if it’s worth it?

I went ahead and am now using Crossover21 with OS Monterey and it is working perfectly with not just the toolset but a few other games which were performing poorly before such as Fallout3, Witcher3 and Diablo3. The main NWN:EE is flying but that is probably more to do with the M1 chip and Beamdog’s efforts.

Definitely worth making the move I’d say. There are only a very few things I’ve tried that I can’t get working.

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