Appearance Change Trick from Pool of Radiance Mod

I love the ‘orc’ appearance type mask from the great Pool of Radiance Remastered mod! I have built a ‘Chameleon’ type villain, and want them to be able to do this (though I want them to change into human and elven appearances), via script. Before I rework the POR script, which used a hybrid polymorph function, (not my favorite thing, or easiest for me to do!):

  1. Does anyone have an ‘Appearance Type’ changing script?
  2. Also, is there a way to add an ‘Appearance Type’ so that it appears in the ‘Globals’ script menu (so I can add the appearances of my own toons for the chameleon to assume)?

Thanks for any assistance!

Changing the Appearance is a simple line like this:

SetCreatureAppearanceType (GetFirstPC(), APPEARANCE_TYPE_LICH);

There are a lot of constants in the toolset for a new appearance. For custom character models, the line number from appearance.2da should work too.

Thanks. I will try it using the script from POR as a base and changing to the appearance type and using the specific custom 2da number (unless there is a simpler script…lol). No issue with it working like a shape change, at least, as a starting point.