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Which 2da specifically addresses the various appearances for items (like keys, etc) where you can craft different looks in the Toolset? I’m trying to track down some anomalies but can’t seem to pinpoint this 2da as I can’t find it in either baseitems or itemprops.2da’s

It is controlled by baseitems.2da, but there are some implicit rules, for example, models may not show up in the toolset unless the corresponding 2d icon exists. The Custom Content Guide has more information in the chapter on Weapons.

Hmm, so I was looking in the right spot. But which column governs appearances available?

This info does not seem to be on the newer site…

It’s the misnamed minrange and maxrange fields, in addition to the equally misnamed itemclass for the model name. Whenever I read those I think combat ranges since they are mixed in with in game combat related fields like prefattackdist etc.

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That would be it, Meaglyn, thank you. I’m trying to figure out why I went from 10-12 appearances for Top, Middle, and Bottom for the “Key” item type, to only 6 for each (and yet the appearances still exist because older keys made with these models still work and display properly). CEP values in their 2da look exactly like the BD version with that one exception “MaxRange”. CEP has 255 and BD has 100. Could that really be it?

I may need to fire up some older modules and see where the regression is occuring.

I just checked the Bioware 2da which BD inherited. Max Range is 100. It would seem that CEP must have increased it and either BD didn’t or if they did they have erroneously reverted it.


I would not expect BD to have used CEP changes in the base game 2das.

No, I wouldn’t expect BD to change it either. The CEP 2da’s were set in stone well before any of BD’s changes. I guess my question then is understanding what those values mean in the MaxRange column. So when I changed the Key item type from 100 (BD value) to 255 (CEP value), I restored all of those missing appearance options in the toolset. My guess is that it’s operating in steps of 5? (note to my builder self, go and change all 100 values to 255 in baseitems.2da)

And didn’t BD change the MaxRange allowed in one of their 2da updates, or am I thinking of a different range value.

Thank you, gentlemen, for humoring me in my query.

@DM_Wise according to the Wiki, MaxRange is ten times the maximum number of models. So I guess 100 means up to ten, 255 means up to twenty-five.

See also this clarification in the Custom Content Guide previously mentioned:

The limit of 3 colours no longer seems to apply, so, although the CCG is invaluable, it is occasionally out-of-date.

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Wow, thanks for the clarification, @Proleric. I am still in awe of the things I don’t know about this game… and it’s been nearly 20 years.

Just for reference, BD never changed the values for MinRange and MaxRange in Baseitems.2da - they are the same as in the v1.69 2DA. AFAIK, CEP v1.x was the first project to change the MaxRange values, increasing them all to 255. Project Q - and a host of PW projects - were the next to follow suit and increase the MaxRange values to 255.

As noted in the CC Guide, those values work in multiples of 10. Multi-part items such as weapons are further limited by the number of models at the lowest range. Thus if you only have a model 011, 012, 013, and 014 you will only see four variants for higher numbered models regardless of what the number are. Continuing the example, if your models in the 20 range went as high 026, models 025 and 026 would not appear. You would need to add a model 015 and 016. Furthermore, each number “sub-range” is further limited to nine models (011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019), repeating the sequence for each increment of 10 upon model sub-range 24. Thus, in actuality, part-based models such as weapons only need the MaxRange cap set to 250. Furthermore, you won’t need models 010, 020, etc. and I’m not even sure the engine will render such models.

EDIT: Confirmed - models 010, 020, 030, etc. show as Part #0 in the item part drop down menu.

Single-part items (e.g. misc medium, gems, etc.) do not share this limitation and you can use the full range of numbers.


parts ending at 0 ie. 010, 020 etc. works, I have such parts for potions, it shows as color 0 in toolset

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Strewth… :open_mouth:

Great info, though!