Appearance Wizard & Windows 10 *FIX*

I managed to get the Appearance Wizard to work under Windows 10, below are the instructions.

1. Open the Appearance Wizard while viewing a (preferably small) interior area.

2. It will appear to freeze, grab the top of the window and shake it around your screen to make all of the buttons appear clearly if the window appears distorted. Distorted or not, it will stay frozen for a few more seconds.

3. If the 3D character display has not appeared after a long wait, hover the mouse over the “frozen” 3D character display area to get an error window. Click “Continue” in this window.

4. Use the Appearance Wizard as long as you need it, repeat the first three steps each time you launch the plugin.

Additional Warning: After the first time you get the error window to appear, don’t move the mouse over the 3D character display area again. In my experience, this keeps the plugin running. Use the buttons below the 3D character display area if you need to move the character or zoom in or out…

Sometimes you do not need to bother with steps two and three, the main thing that helps seems to be using it while viewing a small interior area. Hopefully this will work for others. Let me know if this allowed you to run the Appearance Wizard on any Windows other than XP. :slight_smile: