Appearance Wizard

I know that the appearance wizard can cause crashes and for a while I had that problem but now it works just fine. No idea why as nothing’s changed with my system that I can think of. However…

I just noticed that when you start the wizard it wipes out all placeables and environment objects and then puts them back when you exit it. It also turns on and off light spheres which is really annoying because then I have to turn them off again so I can see what I’m doing.

So maybe that’s some sort of insight into why it can be temperamental, I don’t know, but if it helps anybody to work out why it misbehaves and they can get theirs working by wiping out visible stuff then that’s all good.


That does not sound like normal behaviour to me. :thinking:

However, I can say two things:-

  1. Having “preview” off can help make things more stable. That’s the top “Preview”, which you can toggle on or off - the button goes blue when its on and remains grey when off.

  2. @kevL_s has a great Creature Visualizer plugin you may like to try.

Thanks, Lance.

Lance_Botelle… I thought it was a bit weird when everything disappeared but the wizard works fine and I don’t have issues with it so I’m leaving it as it is. Maybe it’s always done it and I just never used it in somewhere with lighting or so many placeables so I didn’t notice before.

I never use the preview tab or touch the button at the top in the properties, which I didn’t know existed ! The one thing that I do crash the toolset with is dragging and selecting too many things at once by accident rather than selecting then dragging.