Applying new hot keys

Just a thought.

I find the keyboard to be the most convenient way to manipulate a placeable. I would love to add some hot keys I wonder if this is possible.

The one that first springs to mind is one for height lock on/off. Does anyone know if this is possible or if there is a list of hotkeys anywhere.

Here’s my really common ones as examples:

S - causes and object to jump onto another
Shift middle wheel - Adjust up and down
Shift and mouse move - rotates an object
Ctrl left or right - rotates an object
Ctrl middle wheel - scales an object

Who knows any others they use all the time?



sorta… might have to re-select the placeable for the checkbox to update

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Ta! it works fine. You’re right the checkbox does not update but not opening the properties panel is kinda the point :slight_smile:


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