Arched doors?

Hi there,
Been scouring around for this and not finding it, so I thought I might ask around for someone who knows:

I am working with a tileset that has a series of arched doorways that I’m ending up trying to put square pegs into:

Are there some working arched doors that would work for these portals out there? I’ve found precisely one, but that’s not precisely a great variety.

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There are a lot of arched doors in CEP, some of them reskinned by me :-). Mostly they have the shapes found underdark tileset from bioware.I can’t promise that there is one which will fit nicely into the shape of your screenshot.

I find ones that are arched doors on a square model, but not actually arched, other than two I have from CTP. Might I ask for the tags for the doors? Maybe I’m missing them in the list, CEP has a lot of doors!

These doors can be found in the Underdark. As you can see, they are all somewhat arched.


But none of them seems to fit in your doorframe.

However, it’s unlikely to find such doors in the general doors section. Most commonly, they are somewhere in doortypes, dedicated to a specific building.

If there isn’t a door in the tileset (which is?) the it will be a tedious search.

Question: are you using your own doortypes or genericdoors.2da’s, and or your own custom haks? Which tileset is the one depicted above, and does it have its own doortypes.2da?

There are arched doors in the CEP, but hence my above question on what your building with since it matters.

From a pure building perspective, you can always play with “adjust location” on the door, as well as resize it, to mitigate the upper corners.

If it’s any help, there are some round-topped doors in Zwerkules’ Medieval City and Medieval Rural tilesets.

tcm_udoor_13 and tcm_udoor_07 in Medieval City

trm_udoor_03 and trm_udoor_07 in Medieval Rural

They are all tileset-specific doors, but you could try entering them in genericdoors.2da and see if they fit!

Both of them seem to have the correct shape

The doors for those doorways are here: in the last download. Some 2da-merging might be needed depending on what custom content you use.

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This is indeed the medieval city tileset by Zwerkules, though I don’t think I got it directly from the vault page, I think it was included in something else.

The doors for those doorways are here: in the last download. Some 2da-merging might be needed depending on what custom content you use.

This should fix it, provided I don’t bodge up merging the 2das (I use CEP so I think I’ll have to).

That did indeed work, though I found what is likely a tileset bug when I went to go place them:


That’s a pretty jaunty angle for a door I think … is there a way to fix that on the toolset end?

Right click on the door OBJECT (in the Área Doors list) and adjust angle (location). The con is you cant do it in a batch that way.

I can deal with doing it individually, just seems to be this one particular portal/opening.

You can also cheat by changing the position of the doors to be slightly inset back behind the wall. It’s not perfect, bu tI had to do that with a lot of doors in The Frozen North PW for that same reason.

Yeah, kind of what I’ve been doing in a lot of cases.
I wonder, is there a way to make them not open when used for the transition? A lot of them look fine until they do open, which breaks the illusion.