Archer build request for nwn2

Hi all!
thanks in advance!

  • need archer build for nwn2 (also need nwn2 arcane archer)
  • need warrior build need for nwn2

I tried to play, but the my character is very weak.
and i don’t know how to play like archer ,warrior .
my every not mage/healer character very fast die
if you give me your build or link good build
i’m be grateful.
thanks in advance!

You can find more builds here than anywhere else.
[](NWN2 Character Builder)

There is also a forum where some of the concepts are explained in more detail

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Thanks you ,GCoyote.
i will try

well well
I didn’t think there was a really powerful build on this site.
My archer is too powerful
Many thanks for the help.
Thanks you ,GCoyote.

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