Are the CD codes stored in plain text?

I got NWN from the library “Book Sale” many years ago. Several years later I found the “Diamond Edition” with SoU and HotU.
Now, I just replaced the video card in my Windows 7 computer and the game will not start, giving me an error
“Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libary
Runtime Error!
Program D:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\nwmain.exe
abnormal program termination”.

I figure I needed to reinstall.
Except I can’t find the Diamond Edition CDs, I can only find the original without the expansion.
That also means no CD keys for the expansions.

However, browsing the game directory, I spotted “nwncdkey.ini” that appears to have the CD keys in plain text!?! Is this correct?

If so, can I copy that file to the documents folder so I can use the info there to reinstall if I try to find a torrent of the expansion pack and reinstall the game using my own product key or are those encrypted somehow so I can’t use them?

Basically, can I extract the product key from nwncdkey.ini since I cna’t find the box.

Alternately, can anybody suggest how to get the game working again on Windows 7? It stopped working after I replaced a broken OEM ATI Radeon 3450 with a MSI Radeon HD6450 that I got cheap on ebay.
Yes, I ran the config program, tried the suggested 800x600 and my preferred 1280x1024 settings.

Pretty much, yes. Those are the Keys used for the game and all expansions. I’m not sure about the Premium modules, though. I think someone figured out a way to bypass the check since the master servers went away. (And they were needed to play unlock your Premium modules)


Did you install all required drivers? Do other games bail out too?

Naturally you can back up your keys like that. I don’t think anyone here can fully advice you on the torrent stuff except that whatever you do, you do at your own risk. Make sure you have a proof you obtained the game legally. Having original discs (or a purchase receipt) should be one way to do it. IANAL but the CD keys themselves are probably not sufficient since they could be made with a keygen.

You can ignore the config utility and manually set the resolution (and other settings) in nwn.ini.

The problem is I can’t find the darn box, it’s not in the big water box I got from the Jewel with all the other original CDs/DVDs. I can’t find NWN2:Storm of Zehir either. I found NWN, NWN2, and Mask of the Betrayer.
I am going nuts trying to find it.
As for receipts, I got it from the library book sale around a decade ago, they don’t usually give receipts as it’s like a garage sale for books and other media that is donated to the library and they sell dirt cheap, usually $1-$2.
I wasn’t even thinking of that, since I thought the originals were safe in a box in my closet. I even tend to stuff the manuals and feelies back into the boxes they came in if applicable, although most things from the “book sale” are just the CD/DVD.
I know I had registered with them on the old Bioware (or was it Atari) forum years ago, but that’s defunct.
In all honestly, I haven’t looked for the box since I installed it a decade ago. Probably why I did not notice it missing.

Sorry about the rant.
As for the driver question, I used the CD that came with the card, then ran the included update program. Neverwinter Nights 2 works better than before, SNES9X works fine, some RPGMaker 2000 games work fine, and I stopped testing the rest of my games because I spent too much time looking for that darn box yesterday, then got frustrated and just blew off some steam playing some old games on my even older computer.
I’m furloughed from my job until next month. Lots of time to play games and do projects.

I understand; I’d feel the same way if I lost some of my old discs.

You can probably still buy used original Diamond or Gold online, though.

Funny how NWN may work better through WINE than on its target platform :wink: