Are these tools worth uploading

I have written a couple of utilities that I doubt will be of interest to anyone. However, just in case I am wrong, here is some information.

  • Upload Image Explorer
  • Upload NWN Console Commands

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Image Explorer

I wrote this to help me find, use and resize the images I use for menus, toolbars and ribbons.

NWN Console Commands

I wrote this to save me having to look up and remember console commands that I want to use when playing NWN. Also, tried to make it easy for my wife to enter commands when she is playing so I don’t have to.

This is how you add new console commands…
Add Console Command

This what Manage Groups looks like…

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Upload them. You lose nothing by doing so and people may find a use that you haven’t anticipated.


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Nwn console commands seems like something very useful. Having a Nwn compatible wife… Lucky guy! :wink:

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There is a great deal of work involved in preparing a local tool for general consumption. I have been trying to prepare the NWN Console Commands Tool for release. This includes capturing unexpected errors and producing error reports as well as providing self-updating support.

The good news is that I have added a number of features to my Library, which will make future preparations a lot easier.

Currently, implementing support for changing Fonts, which always needs more work than I think. Hopefully, I will be able to move some of the routines into the library for future re-use.

I have released NWN Console Commands in case anyone wants to try it out.


Thank you! I, for one, will most definitely download and use.