Are Vaei additional animations included in CEP/ Modern d20?

I’m talking about this package:

Is there a list of how to access them (or is it just the looping custom ones?)

(working with NWN:EE. Using Modern d20 2.2 with CEP 2.65 for the mod)

Thanks, Pap

They’re not in CEP.

They are the custom looping ones.

You can simply put the package in your top hak.

IIRC the package also overrides the standard animations, cancelling any changes Bioware or yourself have made since Vaei did this.

That might not be a problem for you, but I decided to cut and paste the custom lines (only) from Vaei’s model into my own.

Alternatively, since every phenotype has its own independent animation set, you could recode Vaei’s model to a new phenotype X. Then only creatures set to phenotype X will use those animations. The downside is that every new phenotype requires its own set of robe models - there are tools which mechanise that, though there are issues with the long coats.

Despite this drawback, most animators these days go down the new pheno route, not least because you can have an unlimited number of animations that way - and there are so many out there!

The Custom Content Guide explains this in detail if you can’t live with the Vaei package out of the box.

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If Proleric’s solution is too cumbersome, you can get Vaei’s animations from Project Q which implements them in the standard animation tree (all but one or two iirc). You can get the core files from my Google drive. I’ve also included the Q documentation for them so you can see what slots they are in. The package also includes the Romantic Anims and a few others from CRAP and Failed.Bard.

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Thank you both for answers and for the files Pstemarie… further testing revealed that I already have access to at least Vaei’s animations on ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM1 doing the Onwards, but CUSTOM2 makes the crouching tiger animation, so the numbering doesn’t quite fit with either Q or Vaei original numbering. Either it’s incorporated in CEP 2.65 or Modern d20 (or I have put in my custom hak, although a quick look didn’t find any thing looking like the animations) … that’s one of the problems with being a really slow builder… Started this mod som e years ago, and have forgotten what custom content I’ve put into it… :slight_smile: Anyway, thx ! … I alternate between building mods using CEP/Modern D20 and using Project Q, so get confused sometimes…

Hi, would it be possible to upload the animation package again, including the Q documentation?

Hi there,
as SerTusk already asked, would it be possible to upload the animation package and the Q documentation again? That would help me a lot.