Area transition for roaming creatures

It seems that creatures can’t use the same area transition as PC’s. If I want creatures to randomly roam between areas, what’s the best way to go about it? (The only way I can think to do that is to use “OnEnter” for triggers, but I figured I’d ask if there is a better way to do that)

At the moment I’m more concerned about how to get them to actually transition between areas than the actual movement algorithm (which would be my next challenge)

I might consider using a logical database?

You could have your module keep track of a bunch of int vars that represent monsters, then spawn the monsters in as a player enter the area they’re “supposed” to be in.

You might use ActionJumpToLocation too, with area triggers.

That’s a very interesting suggestion actually, problem with it being that I actually as a DM want to witness how the creatures interact with each other…but I will use ActionJumpToLocation with area triggers for them to move between areas…thanks!

Hey, take a look at this, will ya? Maybe you’ll have an idea.

I read elsewhere that creatures will only use the default transition triggers, not bespoke scripted ones.

Instead of a trigger, you can use one of those doors that has no visible appearance. That can be placed anywhere. You have to make a temporary doorway tile somewhere in the area, paint the door, right-click Adjust Location in the area contents list under Doors, then remove the temporary doorway.

If it’s not convenient to add a doorway tile to an existing area, you can always make a temporary extra row of tiles for this purpose.

CEP has an even better selection of “invisible” doors for larger transitions. You can change the appearance of the door at will, once you’ve moved it into the final position.

In my Dark Energy module, I don’t use transition triggers at all. Doors are far more reliable, especially when you’re running away…

I’m doing a hakpack-less PW, at least at the beginning, so no CEP. But I’m not sure if your idea makes it simpler or not , I’ll stick to the ActionJumpToLocation for now…but thank you!