Area transition from one module to another?

Hi there, its been a long time since I played or built anything for NWN, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it.

What I’m trying to remember is how you would set up an area transition to take you from one module to another, similar to how the OC and expansions transition from one chapter to another.

If anyone could give me a quick and relatively easy/simple explanation that’d be great. Thanks in advance!

You can put a script in the OnAreaTransitionClick event of the door which issues the StartNewModule function (see Lexicon).

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Thanks! That was very helpful. I appreciate it

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Welcome Psycho_Circus from a presumably fellow KISS fan!

I use these scripts found on the Vault. They provide a nice simple way to move everyone around.

@Mannast - those scripts are dated May 2003. Do they need to be upgraded to 1.69?

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That is a good question, but after looking in the modules I have used it in, the scripts function normally. I don’t think the functions they use have been changed. What I like about these are the simple way it keeps track of where the PC is coming from and where they are going, allowing for back-and-forth between modules. I use persistent journals and quests, so this facilitates having quests and journal entries across multiple modules.

Hi there!

Thanks and yes, a fellow KISS fan for sure. From the beginning, no less. Thanks and I hope to be able to return to contributing and getting neck deep in all the incredible stuff here again. I’ve missed this game

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