Area won't bake properly

I was about to use this prefab area (areas) in the module I’m working on. I downloaded everything needed but the second area from the top is weird. When bake that area you can see everything fine in the toolset, but there’s no walking mesh…at all. So when I set starting point in that area and run the module the PC can’t move anywhere. Do any of you have any idea what’s going on? The first area there are no problems with.
When I bake the second area it goes very fast, almost like there’s nothing to bake.

The author is using Tileblocks to block the view of the player. He’s actually using them in both areas. In the first area, it’s just above the sewer tiles covering the lower/right quarter of the map. In the second area, it’s covering the entire map. It’s way above the map. To properly see it, go to the ‘area contents’ tab under placeables. Then look for the ‘PLC_MC_TILEBLOCK1’ placeable and double-click it. You might have to zoom way out to see it.
If you try to bake the map with those tileblocks on them, it will prevent the walkmesh from baking. To do a proper bake, you have to remove those tileblocks first, then bake. You can put the tileblocks back after baking. Just save the area without baking at that point.


Thank you, travus!

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