Arena Modules

Hello, pretty much installed back lately nwn EE, i was wondering why arena servers are so empty / closed.
Any plans in hosting any? I think I may aswell… Well, before even getting at it, just wanted to see community reaction

For these games to be fun you need at least 10 players online. At least unless someone invented bots to fight against but I haven’t hear of this yet. Under 10 players the gameplay on these servers falls into a vicious loop of relogging for counters or swapping sides or endless dying to 5+lvl higher chars (or if 40 lvl then to huge equip diff chars), which is not fun so players are leaving untill there is noone to fight against.

And most players that used to play these servers left long time ago into Guild Wars 2, then MOBA games like LoL and Dota2 and now into Fortnite/Apex Legends/Overwatch/Valorant. NWN is hardly to get a new young players so all that is left is nostalgia. And majority of NWN players are just HCRP or light RP fans and will not play arena servers on a daily basis.