Armor renders in toolset but not in game

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Having a problem. An NPC with an armor in her inventory chest slot renders just fine in the toolset, but in game she shows up in her underwear. It’s stock hide armor (AVT 9) Variation 1. The character is set to appearance N_Elf. I tried also with just a regular elf, putting the same NPC in a different area, and cutting/pasting the instance. A different armor (plain shirt) works. There are no item property use restrictions, so I don’t believe she’s unequipping it, and she has the standard X2_def scripts. I’ve triple checked that “NeverDrawArmor” is unchecked (false) and right now the appearance wizard crashes 100% so I can’t use that on her. Other NPCs in the same area wear their armor correctly (different armors).

I can’t think of anything else to check. Can anyone else?

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Neverminded. I figured it out. Hide is Medium armor (god knows why, how are rangers supposed to wear it???) not Light and she did not have that proficiency (she’s a ranger). Fixed

k. btw, use Creature Visualizer | The Neverwinter Vault for (hopefully) crash free creature viewing …

Thanks KevL’s. I actually discovered your cool tool while searching for a solution to this, what I thought was, a graphics problem. Very helpful.

One thing I did not was when I hit refresh, it would update in the plugin window, but not in the toolset window. Is there a trick to make that happen?

to make what happen? Refresh in the toolset window?

Yes exactly. Refresh the NPC appurtenance in the toolset window. The only way I have found is to change the color of one of the tints. And that only works about half the time.

idk, the preview window there seems problematic. esp w/ win10 - no clue, myself, what’s really going on there.

the plugin gave me access to underlying functions … so i wired up [F5] Refresh to recalculate and redraw everythin’ ( as well as hook into toolset-events like AppearanceChanged depending on how you got the plugin’s Options set )

that is,
CreateModel() is called in 8 places

that’s the uh trick …

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I often get appearances that won’t change in the vanilla toolset mainly faces and haicuts but also armour and to make them change I just open the inventory tab fully and close it.

I think it’s just a NWN2 strange thing and it changes when it feels like it but it can be annoying especially seeing as I used to close and reopen areas to get the change !

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