Armor Set v. Items

I was working with the toolset and I came upon something I didn’t understand. When creating a new item . . . why are the selections different between creating an armor as an item, as opposed to creating an “armor set” for a creature? Meaning if I am making a creature, I have many more options for appearances than if I am creating an armor that anyone can wear. No hakpaks are involved only the files I have in override. IE:

The toolset reads all available files, standard, hak, override. The list depends on the armorvisualdata.2da content.
When it comes to blueprint not all gets available from the list. I don’t know why. However you can set manually the right values (type and variant) on the properties fields for chest, boots, … Use a placed character as model, note the values to manually fix the blueprint.

Thanks Claudius,

I guess I just assumed that the lists would be the same between the two. I’ll use the workaround and see what that gets me. Strange though.