Armour editing bug

As reported on Steam, I’ve verified that if you edit armour in a vanilla module, changing the color on torso 010 changes the torso look to 036. This is purely visual as the torso number remains 010 and displays correctly on re-opening. Just one of many examples it appears.

Sorry, don’t have time to figure out how on earth to report this on Discord - perhaps someone who’s familiar with it can do so.

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Reported on Discord

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Evidently, reporting this on Discord for you is a “non-helpful Chinese whisper.” Dunno WTF clippy/Sherincall meant by that, but you can take it up with him/her I guess.

“Glad” to see I’m not the only one with this issue.

FWIW (probably not much) I tried to report this issue before the release here:

But I guess Discord is the place I should have done that instead.

Well I found a way to report in Discord, then noticed it’s a known issue.

Seems to be fixed in the 36 preview, but that alpha patch introduces other issues…