Art Pipeline Helper (position filled!)


I am Gaius Plinius Secundus! Or just Pliny is fine. I am writing to inquire if any person reading this might have an interest in helping The Rhine:NWN compile custom content!

Specifically what we want to do is create a variety of cosmetic placeables for “Roman” interiors. A wide variety of mosaics, paintings, banners, tapestries and other fun things fit into this category. There just aren’t sufficient assets to do a Roman Villa Interior properly, so we aim to fix that.

Currently, we have a strong grasp of 2DAs and textures. This work is fairly easy to achieve via override, but we would prefer to add new assets at this point. So, the ideal candidate would step in and compile model files for us. Or simply teach us how to do it.

Thank you for reading! If interested, please feel free to inquire here: (Rhine Discord Link)

Yours in historical fantasy,

Updated, no longer have a need! But if you want to help pitch it at the Rhine, the invitation remains open : )