ASG Spawn Kit 1.5

Does anyone know how to make the % chance of spawning work? i have all 4 intergers at 25 whjich should be a 25% chance but the 10 waypoints i put down always spawn the random monsters 100%.

The TWO flash drives i had of all the old NWN stuff i had over 6 years ago for some reason stopped functioning. (I faintly remember having to have to do something in the asg spawn system to make it work correctly, but cannot remember.

I put in the proper on enter and exit scripts, it is just 100% chance every time when it should be a 1 in 4 chance.


Well got it to work, but now they wont autoequip >_<

Now, I have no idea what happened, but its working. (i suspect something is off with the toolset compiler, but cannot prove it). I bundled this with silconscout’s random treasure generator… Made a blank module, with nothing in it but asg and silconscout’s random treasure generator. And they equip armor, but still refuse to equip weapons.

I wonder if Nwn EE changed something or broke something…

Well it now works… I think the latest patch fixed whatever was interfering. It just out of the blue started working. >.>