's IGN Bioware Forums Archive V2

Sadly the IGN Bioware Forums closed in 2016 apparently, but i just stumbled upon an archive of it here :

It looks like all the topics and posts are still there, sans images…

General Discussion

Official Campaign

Shadows of Undrentide Official Campaign

Hordes of the Underdark Official Campaign


Guilds and Registry - Ye Olde Tavern

Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer

Dungeon Masters Realm

Custom Content and Community Expansion Pack

Tools and Plugin Developers

Builders - Toolset

Builders - Scripting

Technical Support

Hope this helps, there was a wealth of inspiration, resources, help, and fond memories here…

Baaleos is responsible for that.

Ironically the post here about it was on the old forum, now frozen for this version of the forum.

Alternatively, there are parts of the old and the Bioware Social Network to be found on the wayback machine. Most have their images too. I say parts simply because their scraper didn’t necessarily get every single page. Heck there are even some of the pages of the old ign vault on there like the script library circa 2003 (but the links on that page may well not work…). But beware, the wayback machine can be a rabbit hole from which you only return after hours (if at all) of chasing elusive links…

Also there is a searchable database of old threads on here. Just I can’t remember what it’s called or the name of the program needed to interrogate it - sorry.


Tis’ alas that it is only the public forums. So many guilds lost their drama histories, like tears in rain.

The NWN Omnibus..