Augur of Possible New Premium Module

Perhaps I am reading too much into it but I have just seen this tweet by Luke Scull -

Only a few weeks until I announce a very exciting project for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition - a project that has, in many ways, been almost 20 years in the making #neverwinternights
who I am now following over on twitter. Watch this space…



Sequel to Tyrants of the Moonsea perhaps? IIRC, there were some loose ends and foreshadowings. The question is whether the announcement would more or less coincide with a release or whether it would just be something like “I signed a deal and will start work on a new module now”. :face_with_monocle:

Both good, of course, second option just requiring more patience. :innocent:

Although I seem to remember Beamdog saying they currently had no new premium modules planned, but I could be mistaken, and things like that could also change from one day to the next, I guess.


If you check out this page on that site of his you’ll see that he is a lead designer over at Ossian so it is probably not

“I signed a deal and will start work on a new module now”

Maybe AL1 or AL2 have been getting the Premium treatment. Also the final paragraph on that page is interesting too.


Hm, that would be less exciting than AL4, but we’ll see.

In March, Luke had this to say,

I’ve finalising the design for another NWN project, but it won’t necessarily be AL4. It’s of bigger scope than that. There should be an announcement next month. It’s unlikely in an official capacity. Ossian has a couple other irons in the fire (both of which I’m involved with) and this is something of a passion project. Who knows though - things can change. The two Ossian projects are not NWN-related. Sadly, I think the last non-Ossian DLC did not go down fantastically well and has perhaps made things more difficult as far as approvals go.


If the last part is true, that would be sad indeed. I have yet to play the last DLC, but from what I gathered, the reason why it did not do well was not a lack of interest in premium modules but a lack of quality control - bugs, rigid design, short play length, some writing issues (like the overabundant use of the modern historical term “fascist” in a fantasy context). And what made me sceptical personally is that it had some whiff of being a promotional item for Hasbro/WOTC material, although that might have actually been a plus for others. In any case, I would expect none of that from Luke Scull/Alazander.

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So now we know:

Announcing The Blades of Netheril