Aurora toolset hanging on creating area transitios

hi folks- coming back ot NWN1 again and still cursed with the fact, whenever I create any area trasntion in the toolset it , it hangs and I have to crash out of it. I asked this question a while ago but couldn’t find the old thread- is this freeze up a known tihng? are there any fixes folks know about? Its pretty limiting as things stand…

One thing you need to clear up - does it hang in the toolset, when you test in-game or both?


in the toolset, as soon as I press create area transition. Can’t get as far as in game testing

Never heard about something like this. The problem appears if you place an area transition trigger?

EE or 1.69/diamond?

1.69 diamond. I put down area transtion triggers or doors, go to the subscreen to set up the tansistion, choose the tag of the destination and, click the ‘create area transition’ button and…

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If you are manually entering the transition tag, you don’t need to use the button. Entering the tag will setup the transition, but you’ll need to manually setup the other end of the transition or else you’ll have a one-way transition.

If you want to use the button (easier), leave the destination tag blank. Once you push the button, you should be taken to another screen where you can select the destination area from a dropdown menu then select the door or trigger the transition is connected to.

Your screenshot seems to show the EE (1.69 has no tab above the area view).

As Pstemarie says, you don’t need the button, you may enter the tag of the target manually. I’ve seen that the button creates a little picture of the area you are in, so it might be well a problem with the tileset.

However, cleaning up override and 3rd party add-ons might be helpful.

create new module with two areas- forest and fort interior (I’ve also used other tilesets). Create a door in each area and give them tags. create area transition, select the tag of the other door, "save area, press OK and… Grrr

I always transition to a waypoint tagged DST_nameofdoor.
An example: tag fort door to forest-
toforest11 and set transtion to waypoint with tag- DST_toforest11 then go to forest area entrance and put down a plain waypoint and tag it- DST_toforest11. I also like to put down a map note waypoint at the same time. And do the same thing into the fort from forest- tag area transition- tofort11 with waypoint tag DST_tofort11 and put a waypoint inside fort tagged DST_tofort11.
Edit- This is how I make transitions using 1.69 so things may be a little different using EE.

Place your waypoints in the areas. Open the Door blueprint. Click on the “Setup Area Transition” button. You’ll get another window pop up that looks like this:


Under Target Area select the area you are connecting the transition to. Select the “Current to Target” button and set the “Target Type” to Waypoint. Form the list of “Available Targets” choose the waypoint you wish to connet to. Click to close the window.

Repeat for the other side of the transition (e.g. the door connecting back to this one).

If that doesn’t work, your game is broken and probably needs to be reinstalled (or verified if on Steam and using EE).

You can add the map note directly to your destination waypoints under the Advanced tab in the Waypoint Properties window.

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Sounds like ther is a reinstall of NWN neccessary …