Author! Author!

Can anyone here remember who originally made the following placeable models?

The model name prefix might be a clue…

Sniff, sniff… Rrrrrrrggh!
(That is the exact sound of a Plush Hyena investigating and identifying an object).

Can’t comment on the others, but the first one, the urn on the plinth, is a game port from Dungeon Siege 1. (tds10_i23 is a standard export file name from SiegeNWN).



Could I get this as mp3 or wav? I’ve the perfect place for it in my upcoming module …

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I tend not to poke my muzzle into sound recorders… One tried to bite me once.
But, I know this Gnoll who thinks she’s a rock star…

(Though, if it’s a serious enquiry, there are archive sources on-line of a huge variety of wild animal calls and such sounds. I’d have to have more time than I do right now, to recall the sites, but they’re probably easily found.)

Though, if it’s a serious enquiry …,

Well, I programmed this scene at the beginning of the week, and so - reading about the sniffing - it springs immediately in my mind:

Some pointers to good sound sources would be nice (I didn’t explore any of them so far).

Most museum sites incline toward animal calls, rather than sounds as of cold, wet noses being pressed curiously to microphones… but I’ll see if I can find anything. (Unlikely) - short of tackling a convenient Big Dog - but given my dog, that’ll more likely gain me a recording of harsh ‘microphone being eaten’ noises.