Author tags on the Vault?

What I’m missing the most on the Vault is a direct link to an author’s portfolio. Like, where it says “Author: name”, it would be so cool to be able to click on “name” as a link and then have all other projects posted under this name listed, the same way it already works for e.g. Language or Tags.

I imagine that it might be a lot of work to implement, if it has to be done manually for each entry, probably an overwhelming task for all the content on the Vault, but it would be sooo useful. And I would be willing to volunteer and help with it, to do it at least for the more well known projects or those I’m familiar with and interested in (which would be better than nothing already, I guess?). How hard would this be to implement? Would it be possible in theory?

(I know that it’s already possible if you click on the name of Vault members, then “projects”, but I mean direct links from where it says “Author” on the project pages and regardless if the author is still a Vault member or not.)

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It’s already implemented, just a little more involved. Also it only works where a creator’s username is highlighted in blue (e.g. is a link). Clicking on such a username takes you to their profile page. At the top of that page there is a top-level menu. Click on projects and all their projects are listed.


Yes, but isn’t that just what I described in this passage?

Does it also work for authors who did not create an account on the new Vault? Like, on this page, you can click on udasu’s name, but only because he submitted the module himself. You can’t click on the name of the author in the “Author” field, only on the one of the person who submitted the project, which in many cases other than this one, are not the actual authors.

I was more thinking about the way the tags work, or the “Language” field link etc. Wouldn’t that be possible with the field “Author”, too? Or only if their names are added as tags on each of their projects?

For those without accounts I find that the search facility works reasonably well (as long as you are willing to wade through all the places where they are just mentioned by other people).


So there’d be no interest in improving it a little, slowly, bit by bit, by adding author tags or so, on a voluntary work basis, at least for some? If I would be volunteering to do it? Is it more complicated than adding tags? Or are there issues with the Vault rules, would that infringe on authors’ rights to maintain their own pages (like, maybe they don’t want author tags for some reason)?

I don’t mean to impose myself, if you think it would be more trouble than it’s worth, just thought I’d offer my help, if this is something that only requires time and dedication and not a lot of technical knowledge.

FWIW If you go to projects/nwn or projects/nwn EE and do a tag search for TR you’ll find all my projects.


Btw, just curious, since I’ve never created a project page here myself, how is it that there are two different types of pages for modules? Some like on the old Vault, with all the different categories like Class, Gameplay Length, Roleplay vs. Tricks&Traps vs. Hack&Slash etc., and some just with free text containing whatever info the author provided (or not)? Are the first ones just remnants from the old Vault and the second how it’s done here? Or can you choose between the two templates, whether you want to fill out these category fields or not? And do active authors create their own tags or are Vault administrators involved in that, too?

Click on the contribute button and then on project. This will bring up the projects dialogue. Now you can look through how this site deals with project creation. To exit this dialogue there is a large ‘X’ in the top right corner. Click on that and nothing will be saved plus you exit the dialogue. The other format is created by copying and pasting from the relevant rolovault page. So no rolovault page, no old-style categories unless the creator decides to make them themselves.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!