Automatic notification on projects?

i’d like to get a notification in my inbox any time someone posts a comment to a project i’ve submitted. is this possible ? i couldn’t find a checkbox on the submission form, did i miss it ?

Not that I’m aware of (doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t though, I can miss the blindingly obvious). However, any comments made on a project, modifications to a project or a new project being posted will show up in the Recent content list from the front page of the vault proper (i.e. not in here).


i was afraid of that. :frowning: that’d be a really handy thing to have though… i’d like to react quickly to comments on things i upload, but i don’t log in here every day.

There’s a subscription function for the main site, under the user profile, but it doesn’t seem to be enabled.
What I do is periodically check the “Track” menu in the user profile, which will flag and link to any new comments on your projects. It also does this for new posts in any other project comment threads that you’ve previously posted in.

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thanks ! :slight_smile:

You should be able to subscribe to your project on its Project Page. You then have the option of specifying Mail.

So on my NIT Project page, it looks like this…
Permissions & licensing: Open - Free & open only if project also open
Add new comment Unsubscribe from: Project: Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT Subscribe to: Posts of type Project

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excellent !
that’s just what i needed, thanks.