Awesome new lighting, awful spell effects, help


I’m really enjoying the new lighting improvements for the Enhanced Edition, metal armors are looking gorgeous. I’m playing as a Spellsword kind of character, so I have to use the so called “skins” and other effects (Barkskin, Ghostly Visage, Shadow Shield, etc) which completely negate the graphics improvements cause it covers the entire character with a visual effect that make it look like its covered in excrement.

So, my question is: Does anyone knows a mod or another way that change those effects to a less intrusive ones or remove it entirely?

I tried this one: But I can’t get it to work with any of the methods explained in the mod page.
I’m playing the original campaign all over again with PrC 3.9.2 if its of any relevance.

Thanks for any help provided!

You’d have to edit the scripts for those spells in the toolset and remove the visual effect being applied. Most likely, they are also using EffectLinkEffects(), so you’d have to edit those too.

Note, some visuals may be hardcoded - can’t exactly recall.

Once you edit the spell scripts, put them in your /override folder.