Awkward NPC Stances?

I’ve run across a peculiar situation in play testing my project of late. In one area, the NPCs which are placed in the area are standing legs together, feet pointed forward instead of the legs slightly apart stance. Now, is this because I’ve edited and copied these npcs from a palette to be placed in the area?
They all have different blueprints and different tags.
Scripts involving all npcs in that area fire correctly. It’s just that goofy legs together, feet pointed forward look.
When I start a play test from that area, all looks good. but when I play test from earlier areas and then enter this area in question is when this happens. Any ideas?
Thanks all in advance and hope you are all healthy and safe!

Okay, update. When I start a new game to play test the area the goofy stance occurs. When I just F9 from the toolset, everything seems to be okay. (occasionally 1 NPC will adopt the goofy stance)

Are the arms outstretched to the side, too?

That would be the default pose, before animation kicks in.

You get that effect if, for example, some script freezes animation on spawn, or a model references an animation supermodel that doesn’t exist.

Perhaps something is preventing the animation model from loading correctly.

Actually there is a play animation script that fires on entering the area. They’re talking force-ably with their legs together. I’m going to remove that script and see what happens.

A basic DelayCommand(1.0, ExecuteScript() fixed the problem

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