AWW Assistance

So the Meaglyn’s Advanced WalkWaypoints (AWW) system here looks amazingly powerful but the documentation is … very thin at best.

I am having a problem.

Have an NPC that I want to walk random waypoints at night and then “go to bed” during the day.

So I created 6 WP_gavin waypoints and set the option to 3 for Random waypoints (works like a hot darn). I then created just 1 WA_gavin and WM_gaving waypoints each nearly on top of eachg other at the wagon he should be going to.

I let them run for 2 full day-night cycles and he’s not going to bed.

My morning guard I just set a NIGHT_ waypoint and he goes there and night and it despawns him. but NWN doesn’t have a corresponding day one. And If I change his to be WE_ and a WN_ THAT one doesn’t work. I am assuming somewhere I need to set a flag to tell it to use that system but I am not sure where that would be.

Any help here would be amazing. Thanks,

Most of the documentation is in the include file (aww_inc_walkway.nss). You are also encouraged to look in the demo module.

Try disabling NW_FLAG_DAY_NIGHT_POSTING on your creature at spawn.

Make sure you are really calling aww_WalkWayPoints everywhere.

NWN does have a day one built in, POST_. But what you are describing sounds like it should work. If you want to give me a simple one area module that has your creature(s) in it and shows the problem I may be able to take a look.

Figured it out.

Even though it’s only got the one waypoint it still needs to be numbered WA_gavin_01 and WM_gavin_01 worked. if I leave off the _01 they are ignored.

Phew… this will really help me out on the NPC scripting side so good to know.

Thanks for the offer to help.