Axe murderers Killer Death system not working HELP!

Okay no doubt that I am doing something wrong here cause otherwise it would be working. I would love to have some assistance with me implementing the following:

SO my issue is that it is not porting to the “purgatory” area on death. Instead i get the death mark and then the character is instantly back to full health, this is obviously not how I like to see things so I am hoping to find someone to help me with this.

I am by no means a skilled scripter, I patched together this module just for funs and giggles but I would still like it to work properly.

Not entirely sure what to do to be honest.

please help?

Have you followed the instructions in the readme? Section IV - “Setting up the Module to use KDS1” in particular.


I have, though it confused me a bit.

KDS has a number of variables that need to be applied to the module to get it running correctly. I set these in the module OnLoad scripts, so I can adjust them later on.
for example:
SetLocalInt(oMod, “KDS1_DeadLevelMode”, 2);//Free to return to death spot
SetLocalInt(oMod, “KDS1_DeathSpotMode”, 2);//Choice mode
SetLocalInt(oMod, “KDS1_LootDropMode”, 2);//Equipment only
SetLocalFloat(oMod, “KDS1_PurgatoryTimer”, -1.0);//Disabled

My other question is if you have a kds1_purgatory waypoint in your death zone?
Hope these help

Yeah it works, just am struggling with the variables. From what I read I had to write them down in the variable section? But you changed them in the script itself?

I just have them set on the module in the module OnLoad script. I found for my purposes, these four were the ones I needed to have set. The additional variables are for many of the options Axe Murderer put in the system.