Back to NWN 1 -Last time 10yrs ago :(

Hello All,
I have finally came back to NWN 1 and really happy about being here. Good to see that the vault is alive again; Cu Do’s all involved :slight_smile:
With that out of the way, do anyone have any suggestions on how to get my NWN 1 games back up to standards that are being used now?
I have:
HOT 1.69 going!
Cep 23.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks Mayhoof


Maybe update CEP to 2.65? Maybe get the enhanced edition on GoG, Beamdog or Steam?


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Hi. :smiley: Nice t’meetcha, new/returning person.

Yeah, seconding Tarot - there’s a newer version of the CEP, and NWN is under development again in the Enhanced Edition, so upgrading to that would be the most up-to-date level you can get.

Everything else pretty much depends on the PW you want to play on, or the module you want to play or build. They all have their own hak requirements. Having Project Q in the haks folder can’t hurt either.

Wha’cha wanna do with the game? :smiley: Are you out to build something, or play on PWs, or play singleplayer/local multiplayer modules?

Thank you all for answering my request, taking all suggestion in and going to wait awhile for the Enhanced Edition.
To answer The Barbarians ?s; I use to build world to play on-line (PW’s) and play on local and single, want to get back into that again.
Thanks again, and if any thing else comes to mind please feel free to let me know :smile:


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