Background Feat: Complex

Hello guys,

I came across the ‘Complex’ background feat on NWN2 DB ( ). Having a skill focus for free seems quite useful (and maybe a bit too good compared with the other background feats), yet it never appears during character creation. When given via the givefeat console command or in the feat.2da it does not appear to have any requirement, but you cannot select a skill focus either.

So is this some cut content?


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Yes, this feat wasn’t active when the game was released. I tried to re-activate it, adding the corresponding GUI, but there’s a problem: when the character is created, it doesn’t exist yet as a game object, therefore the script to add a skill focus cannot find it (this not a problem for the other skills and feats, probably because the necessary actions are hard-coded).
So it is cut content, and unless I make it a second level only feat, I haven’t found any way to re-add it.


Making it second level only seems like the easiest way to fix it, considering.

I finally succeeded in having the background feat “complex” restored at first level :grinning:

The new feat is shown as “Alertness” instead of the selected skill focus, until the game is saved and reloaded, where “Alertness” is replaced by the correct feat (or the skill focus is added, since Spirit Shaman and Yuan-ti have “Alertness” automatically).
The reason for this behavior is that since the UI was not fully implemented (probably because to get this “extra” feat the character could be considered as illegal, or because the code was not completed before release? In any case, that leads to a feat number 0 being granted to the PC whatever the skill focus selected). So I use x2_def_mod_load event to fix this (this script is set by default for new modules, whereas onPCloaded, which would make more sense, is not).

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Wait, so I’d see 2 Alertness feats?

No, only one. And if it’s not an automatically granted feat, it will disappear as soon as the skill focus is added. I need now to check how to handle the case of characters newly created who get levelled up before “Alertness” is removed (because at level 2 and higher, it becomes a selectable feat). Hopefully it can be done within the level-up GUI.

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I’m looking at the Wiki right now, and Alertness seems to be available at LVL1.

Might wanna look into that.

It is, but only for Yuan-ti pure blood (race) and Spirit Shaman (class). For all others, you only get it when you level up.
I was wondering, maybe I could try to flag the first line of feat.2da as removed, and move alertness to another line, but then all classes and races feats tables should be changed accordingly… And I’m not sure anyway that there isn’t some hard-coded part for this anyway…

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Alertness (+2 Spot and Search) was selectable for my dwarven barbarian on level 1.

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My bad! I forgot you could customize your character on the final screen (where you type the name in) instead of letting the game select the default feats and skills.
I’ll modify the script accordingly.

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