Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal

Larian finally released footage of Divinity Original Sin 3.
Looking forward to this, Coronavirus don’t you dare fucking kill me before this is released.

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BG3’s story so far reminds me of the module Ceremorphed but this time extended to a full blown campaign rather than a short level 1 adventure.

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I just hope that I can use the mouse instead of the key board. Since I suffered a head and neck injury almost 20 years ago. My forefingers and thumbs don’t work so well. The game looks good though.

Of course you can use the mouse, I’m pretty sure he’s using the mouse during the live gameplay here.

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As long as I don’t see the character building sheet, this game won’t convince me.
I tried the first Divinity and didn’t like it at all.

I think Larian didn’t understand the concept of video games.
If they were to make films instead of video games, the characters in the film would make a movement in turn, while everyone waited looking at each other.

Seeing the issues they were having makes me feel a whole lot better about the problems I had with my own mod. :wink: Not so alone with the issues. :slight_smile:

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I feel the same way.

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I am currently quite happy if this game flops, so the NwN community will not be affected by its existence.

Hi Sean @Sean_Maxhell ,

For myself, I would like to see the game released, as I hope it will be a great coop experience for my friend and I to play.

I don’t think it will have any impact on the NWN community. I, for one, have seen many great computer games come and go in the years I have been working on my modules. Speaking for myself, it will not make me give up on the community as long as I can share the interest. :slight_smile:

Actually, when I watched the video, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was reminded of my own module. :slight_smile: It had readable books, fog of war and even the switch to turn-based combat had a similar look/feel as my own does when I use it. Admittedly, my TB Combat is not TRUE TB combat, but my wife and (long time PnP D&D friend) enjoys using the system for every battle!

Sure, there were some elements that I thought may be “nice to have”, but those things cannot replace my main preference to 3.5E rules compared to 5E anyway. Also, those “nice to have” things are also not enough to persuade me that I need them … for if I really wanted something, I would consider writing a system for it. e.g. Even a jumping system can be implemented, but I am not going to abandon NWN2 due to lack of an ability to jump. i.e. There is so much going for NWN2, that it still outweighs whatever a publisher puts out there … a community that loves the D&D game and has a tool to present their story.

Cheers, Lance.

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The part of the cinematic (with the 3 dragons) where the mindflayer “infects” the two characters reminded me of when Chekov and the other guy had the slug-things crawl into their ears in ST: The Wrath of Khan.



TR, that was my first thought too, definitely has some Wrath of Khan vibe to it.

As for the generic toxicity towards BG3, I absolutely don’t understand it. For one thing, no one is going to force you to play it. It also doesn’t just suddenly remove your ability to play BG1 and BG2 like you always have, unlike some other new release of a video game people have been talking about a lot.

I for one cherish seeing a new, more modern take on the franchise, in a new ruleset which based on the gameplay reveal has actually been implemented fairly well so far. I haven’t played the Divinity games myself and I’m by no means a Larian fan, but by what they have shown so far I’m sure the game won’t be bad by any means.

And it having a negative effect on the NWN community? Why would it? People who love the game love it for a good reason, BG3 isn’t going to have an effect in that regard. However, if the game does flop it can have a negative effect on future licensed titles in the future. I don’t see that as a good thing.


As for the generic toxicity towards BG3, I absolutely don’t understand it.

Because is it like since 2006 that a decent game dedicated to D&D doesn’t come out, maybe?
And maybe after 14 years we would like to play something other than NwN2?

Which part of the gameplay reveal made you think it wouldn’t be a decent game? What, in your opinion, would it make it a decent game?

I agree. I for one am curious to see how it turns out. Not sure what to think of it yet, but there are so few good games (IMHO, of course) released nowadays, so every game that seems promising is a nice addition in my book. I really miss the good old Bioware era. But that era is unfortunately long gone by now. I bought Greedfall and tried to like it, but I got bored after quite a short while, so I stopped playing it. The only thing on the horizon that makes me really excited is Cyberpunk 2077.

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Captain Terrell is the name your looking for Tarot.

Maybe we will get some spelljamming out of this. Since that was a Mindflayer Spelljammer at the beginning.

When I played Divinity, i quit it in 30 minutes.
Neverwinter Nights 2, I’m still playing. We are still here, Playing.
What do you think?

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I think that’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. You didn’t like Divinity, therefore BG3 will be a bad game… Okay then.

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Is it though? Stupid? It’s the same turn-based engine and the same game designers. There can’t help but be a number of similarities. We’ve already seen how goofy-looking that superleap ability is. I tried to like both D:OS 1&2, but just couldn’t stick with them. DD, on the other hand, was a lot of fun. If they make it more like a party-based DD, I’d be okay with that.

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Turn-based combat has a long and distinguished place in the history of CRPGs (including Baldur’s Gate). The Divinity games were very much designed in that tradition.