Baldur's Gate 3

Yay… that means BG Reloaded 3 at some point in the next decade!



There’s a written down (i.e. not video) interview over on gamespot with the head of Larian. In that interview it becomes apparent that there is some Spelljammer involvement in the story. This does not necessarily mean that there is a Spelljammer section to the game however. Could be it’s just a device in the story to explain certain elements of the game.


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Maybe it turns out that Boo really was a miniature giant space hamster, a Spelljammer creature.


Fleabag’s best friend was Boo.

Fleabag says “it’s not a guinea pig it’s a hamster”.

Enough said :japanese_ogre:

Other conspiracy theories are available.


“Look, Boo - everyone knows now! See how his fame spreads like a scented cloud from your furry back-side when you have had one too many crackers!”

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“After several generations of consuming beholder brains, by the mid-14th century DR the Skull’s inhabitants developed the capability to levitate. This ability was viewed with envy by other illithids, but the Skull’s breeders had incorporated them into their genetic makeup, so all their descendants from that point on were also capable of levitating”

BG3 trailer has an illithid nautiloid spelljammer ship and has the illithid levitating…

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I’m not all that fond of the D:OS I and II games; they’re okay, but didn’t hold my interest for all that long. They felt more like a sequence of tactical set-piece battles, rather than an RPG journey as in the BG series. After a while it felt like a constant slog having to refight battles until I found a way to win.

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I hate to break it to everyone but unless Boo was actually Wooly Rupert in disguise I very much doubt that they’ll appear (unless in flashback) in BG3 given that it is set either 20 or 100 years (depending who you listen to) after BG2.

As mentioned in that interview I linked to.


I think we will certainly have some characters re-appear. Perhaps not as NPCs or companions, but as easter eggs/fan service/mentions in conversations.

The PnP game actually wrote Minsc and Boo back to life in cannon. They ran the module it happened on Penny Arcade during PAX I believe. Something about a statue of him and boo coming back to life…

…OK… so not the BEST writing ever…

Would have prefered to see them on pages of in-game lorebooks maybe, but if they could write it to the plot well enough, I suppose, that would be nice.

I suspect though, that we might also find some of Larian studios’ other characters (someone like Belegar) appear in form of easter eggs.

Not only did they write them back into life, they put them into the Neverwinter MMO. Your introduction to them is random generic bandits have stolen Boo… because that’s a thing Minsc would let happen… yeah.

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Given even minsc’s beginning stats in BG II… it must of been about 500 “bandits.” We won’t even go into the fact that minsc hid Boo from Jon Freaking Irenacus.

“Ever so many crevices and nooks to hide that hamster in…”

There is no such lore, that a retcon couldn’t undo. :wink:

Turns out Boo was bitten by a werehamster. You don’t want to know what’s in it’s water bottle now… :hamster: