Baldur's Gate Reloaded Unofficial Patch

I think that unless you made two copies of the whole campaign there is no way you can make what you want optional so you really have to fix it yourself and there’s no use in complaining… That is your option.

If you’re not familiar with the toolset then add this to the instructions… Select the toolset from the NWN2 start up loadscreen thing, wait a while and when it opens select file at the top and “open” from the dropdown menu. You will now see a list of all the modules you have installed, select the first Baldur’s Gate module.

From now onwards all you need to use are the conversations tab ( could be hiding with a C next to a speech bubble ) and the properties tab. Keep them both open using the pin icon in their top corners.

Now off you go double clicking conversations from the list, opening them and removing ticks from boxes. If you don’t want your screen to fill up then keep closing ( x in top corner of conversation editor ) and saving conversations as you go.

To save it when you’ve done a whole module of conversations go back to file at the top, hit save and then select open to get the next module loaded Or you can just select open and it will ask you if you want to save what you’ve done when you select the next mod. You have to save it or you’ll be doing it all over again.

Also while you have the toolset open you might get inspired to start messing about with it and the next thing you know you’re creating your own world of adventures… That’s what happened to me one day when it was raining, before that I never really used a computer apart from playing games and emails.


You described everything very beautifully, but in practice it doesn’t work. Maybe I’d better advise you to use your own advice, why should I silently agree to someone else’s intervention if it’s for me? don’t like it and ruin the atmosphere of the game? I won’t play political correctness, if Travus created a mod that fixed bugs and dialogues, then great, just don’t force it on the authors and me as a player I don’t like it and that says it all! I’m not going to change my mind. I’m sure I’m not the only one, it’s just that not all users are straightforward.

It probably doesn’t work in practice because you have to start the game again as it needs to load in all the changed modules. If you’ve only just started then all the modules after that will be fine with the fixes installed as they load.

I don’t understand how I can use my own advice because I already know how to change conversation styles and as far as why you should silently agree to somebody else’s intervention when the game is for you… Well… I’ve got news for you, the game isn’t just for you it is for everybody and what you like is not necessarily what other people like that is how the world works.

I gave you a way to fix what you didn’t like about something, a solution to your problem to make the game you like playing to your satisfaction. A game that a lot of people have made, using their own spare time, for people to play and enjoy for free. It was not forced on you it was given as a gift and you are seriously complaining about that ?

It’s like when people moan about somewhere having too much litter, if you don’t like it pick it up and put it in the bin !

Travus helped me a lot with this patch, so it’s actually really easy for him to do a patch for a conversation overhaull if he wishes. Nothing is hidden or hidden behind compilled script, I even did a tool for quick testing specific part of the campaign. That tools is an import from SOAR, of course the one SOAR is far more powerfull I only reproduced the basics function here, but the campaign is way less complex so it doesn’t require everything I did for (testing/debuging) SOAR.

This version is how “SOAR” will be for the 2 games to be 2 parts of the storie with “consistency”, the goal of this patch is to have BGR behave like SOAR and of course removing as much bugs as we found. But nothing is locked, and it’s NWN2, which means if you want things to be different, then nothing is stopping you. But I think it will be easier this time, beceause the number of bugs remaining are really really few. Just opening the toolset and changing the conversation property might be enought I think.

I don’t know if Travus will be doing a patch for having “SOZ conversations”, but I think he enjoyed a lot this version.

I made a first run and it was clearly an horror run, sometime I thought that the only things that were working as intended were the feature I imported from SOAR, and the reworked stuff from the unoficial patch.

Then Travus made a crazy run testing everything and clicking on absolutly everything. I think we really cleaned the campaign well.

I am now making a second run, and I still run on a few bugs, but they are really minor bugs and really few (less than 5 at the moment), still I ll correct them. I have also a few number of tester.

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I initially learned about BGR thanks to site mod-games, Unfortunately, the users who made localization and made the bgr publicly available, And intentionally combined the bgr with an unofficial patch from Travis in their localization translation and did not indicate a way to make the patch from Travis optional. This was very upsetting me because on nexusmods this mod looked different and played differently and created a different experience. Even deleting the game was not enough; saving the game retained the dialogue board in the form in which it was redone by Travis.

I understand that teamwork means a lot to you. I thank Travis for his contributions and i apologize, I don’t mean to disparage him or his work. Unfortunately I am not an English speaker user and English is my second language, and the toolset itself is all in English and it is much more difficult to learn for players not familiar with modding. It’s great when you can make a choice.

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