Bards use spell chants along with bard music, how to disable

Hello everyone, first-time poster, long time lurker.

I’ve recently taken upon myself the burden of starting to like Bards, something that from the last 15+ years of playing nwn 1 and 2, never got the patience to do.

And because generally, Bards suck.

ducks head at incoming bottles and tomatoes

As I was saying, now I like them.
Except for one itsy bitsy annoyance, every time I active any inspiration, my bard will play the whistling or instrument he is holding along with the classic spell chant as if he was casting a spell.

And I want one or the other, not both, preferably only the music instrument.

But alas, I’m no programmer.
I’ve searched the vault and couldn’t find anything that would deactivate the spell chant and leave only the music.

And I’m not sure which file I would have to modify or how to make it stop.
However, I’m willing to do it myself if someone would show me the way.

Unless of course, this is not possible.
Does anybody know how to do this?

Thank you very, very much for your time and patience.

i looked around, couldn’t find it. I thought the sounds might be hiding in the .SEFs (special effect files), either in Spells.2da CastVisuals #905+ ( fx_bard_ins_song_cast.sef ) or in the spellscript ( VisualEffects.2da #277 fx_bard_song_cast.sef ) but it doesn’t seem to be.

And since the sound-columns in Spells.2da “ConjSoundMale” and “ConjSoundFemale” are blank, it doesn’t look good unless someone else can find it …

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Why is your bard holding an instrument ? You should be wary of this sort of behaviour as surely standard bard equipment is the most lethal weapon available, a flute of charming nonsense really doesn’t cut it with an orc hoarde !

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Thank you, it was worth the shot.

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