Base building campaigns

I really enjoyed Crossroad Keep I like having a big thing to spend my adventuring gold on and develop, I’m looking for any campaigns that have anything like that for NWN1 and 2, even its just a side part of the overall campaign anything big like Crossroad Keep or even just some kind of home base or a village you help to develop or train for an attack, something you put some time into and see the results of. I was pretty disappointed in Skyhold in Inquisition you don’t really get to do anything with the place but listening to peoples problems was fun if that gives an idea.

Hm, I vaguely seem to recall having played a NWN module that had options for restoring or upgrading your keep, but I don’t remember which one it was. Sorry, not a big help … Although, I think Darkness Over Daggerford had some elements like this as well?

And outside of NWN/NWN2, Pillars of Eternity had it, too. Seems to be an Obsidian thing. :wink:

(EDIT: Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition is going to be free on the Epic store this week, btw, along with Tyranny Gold Edition, starting Thursday, just in case you haven’t played those yet and you don’t mind the client.)

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The Pillars one was alright but I think I prefer the boats in 2 upgrading and picking your crew, DA:Awakening had a good keep too. I’ve been meaning to play through Daggerford again since it’s been awhile so I’ll check it out.

If you are into sci-fi games with a hint of role-playing try No Man’s Sky. A large part of it is about building home bases. Also Fallout 4 also has a large part that is about home bases.


I’m more looking for ones that are part of something with a story rather than just building for the sake of it, I did the base building in Fallout for a bit but I stopped when it felt kind of pointless I spent a lot of time doing up the minutemen fort and plugging the holes in the wall and putting in turrets and the first time it got attacked the enemies spawned in the courtyard and it all felt like a waste of time lol. Part of why I like Crossroads is it builds towards the big battle, I’ve heard it honestly doesn’t make much difference in the battle whether you have the best troops and walls or not but I still feel proud of my fort in the moment. Same for DA:A when they manage to hold off a huge army without you if you’ve gone out of your way to upgrade everything.

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