Basic conversation question - Only once

I have a conversation. This conversation is put on a lot of different NPCs in an area. There are certain questions that the PC can ask all these NPCs. Now, I want it so that if you have asked the question to a certain NPC, you can never ask the same question again. You should however be able to ask the same question to another NPC. Again, all the NPCs have this exact same conversation.

I am checking up the “Show Once?” aspect of the conversation. In my previous modules I have always used the “Once per game” if I didn’t want the PC to be able to ask the same question twice. Now, however, this SAME conversation is put on multiple NPCs, so I can’t use that. The “Once per creature that uses this conversation” I think is a multiplayer aspect, so I don’t think that would apply/work well here. Then we have the “Once per conversation”. Can I use that or how does that particular thing work? I have read several PDF NWN2 tutorials regarding this issue but the answers I have found are quite vague. That’s why I’m asking here, although I should probably already know about this by now after so many years.

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After some testing I found out that for this case I had to use the “Once per creature that uses this conversation”. Using that made it work without errors, or so it seems at least.

Using “Once per conversation” is apparently what it sounds like, and not what I thought. It means “using that node just once in that particular conversation”. Once you click the same NPC again, you could use the node again, even though it’s the same conversation file, it’s not (the way the game means) the same conversation.