Bastard of Kosigan - Part 2 crashing issue

I guess many of us have soldiered on through this otherwise excellent module despite the save/load crash issue.

I was intrigued by this workround:

I don’t have the resources to investigate right now, but I’m wondering whether the issue has something to do with custom items exported from part 1 - perhaps a 2da / model mismatch?


I detected just this comment.
From the experience I have today, I can say,

  • that the workaround [Elfen Lied] suggests is valid, but still a tedious procedure.
  • there is definitely a serious problem in the 2da of batard-hak.

I could make an update, but how to issue it on the original project page?

If you can get a couple of people to test the fix first, post a link here - moderators can update the original page.

Probably best to give players the option, by leaving the original version, too,with an explanation?

Elfen Lied’s solution is the best workaround I’ve tried. But it’s still not a 100% guarantee.

I had 3 save games from Kosigan 2 and using Elfen Lied’s method I was able to load 2 of them, but not the 3rd.

I’d be curious to try any fixes anyone can provide.

Give me your E-Mail via PM and I’ll send you my fix of the Kosigan.hak

Hi Mmat. Thanks for sending me the link.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my system. So it’s probably not a full solution either.

Sorry, but it was worth a try. Since i can’t see yor system, i cant help further.