Batch script comparison utility?

I made a test version of my WIP module to try some stuff, but then I got a bit loose with my version control and ended up bugfixing and making changes in both copies of my WIP. After now coming back after a few months break from it, I have no hope of fixing it by memory. So I want to basically run a batch comparison on the entire script base. I don’t use a programmer’s IDE for NWScript (I like the function list and function display in the toolset editor), but they are just text files anyway, right? Simple character by character comparison should be fine for my purposes? Is there a utility that will let me do this easily, without having to copy and paste the contents of each script one by one?

I am not sure how did you setup your module, but what I do is to open old version is nwhak.exe, export its content into directory on a desktop, then open newer module in toolset and after compare directory in desktop with modules/temp0 using Beyond Compare.

Not sure whether there is another tool with the same functionality, likely not. Winmerge is awful, Tortoise SVN file comparer has probably the best design, but lacks some of the base functionalities like folder compare and copy to left.

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Sounds like that should work. Thanks for the quick response. Not familiar with Beyond Compare but I’ll check it out.

Aaaand done. Only 4 scripts with differences - thought it would be worse. Also 19 orphan scripts in 1 module, and 1 in the other. The 19 orphans were in the test module and part of a system I implemented but ended up mostly scrapping. Now just to need to consolidate it into 1 module in the toolset and delete the other.

Beyond Compare is pretty slick. I just downloaded the free trial but I can see it being useful - I’ll probably buy the standard version.

Also, no need to use nwhak. I just opened the toolset, opened one of the modules, copied the temp0 folder to my desktop and renamed it with that module’s name, closed it in the toolset, then did the same for the other module. Then just dragged the folders from my desktop into Beyond Compare.

WinMerge is free, however it lacks a critical feature for me - explorer context menu select left/compare with. And the design is horrible.
But to be honest, I am not found on Beyond Compare 3/4 either. I am using the trial of the old version 2 - I need to always uninstall it and reinstall after 30 days because the author doesn’t sell licence for this version anymore, but w/e :slight_smile:

Someone else might suggest another replacement. As I said, Tortoise SVN has a compare tool in it and it is perfect except it cannot be used on folders and as winmerge lacks the select left side to compare in context menu (+ doesn’t allow copy to one side). Maybe someone else knows a better comparing tool.


not sure if it’s better, but it’s opensource and generally respected

latest appears to be 1.9.2
KDiff3 / Wiki / Home

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