BCK Adobe expansion (unofficial)

I started re-skinning some of the BCK items in order to build some desert placeables. Melding the excellent RWS adobe textures with the BCK models through MDBcloner, I’ve come up with a workable adobe BCK. Once I finish the set, I will post it to the vault. I am trying to use open slots in PJ’s Cornucopia (starting at 14010) so that it can be implemented quickly if anyone needs to build a desert like atmosphere.


That will be an excellent addition!

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What we call adobe in the Western Hemisphere was ‘sun dried brick’ to most ancient peoples throughout the Middle East and other dry environments for thousands of years. Still used in rural areas today. A little light editing and I can see LOTS of uses for these. :ok_hand:

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I posted a dark brown brick set that reminds more more of a Mesopotamian-Babylonian style with some decor.