BCK ERF Weirdness

I am trying to use the BCK SOZ ERF file so I can just get to building, but the descriptions and pieces selected don’t match. For example, for Arches I can see windows and some blank spaces. I have compared the original placeables.2da with mine and all of the row numbers for the BCK items match.

When I open up Baldur’s Gate Reloaded in the toolset, Durlag’s Tower has some invisible placeables, but all of the original Baldur’s Gate maps show their buildings properly. I am guessing the missing models for the Durlag’s Tower map not displaying properly must be related.

Any ideas what could be causing this weird mismatch?

Okay, I’m wondering if there are issues with the erf files here. There are many different ones on the vault, which ones work best? I have been using the SoZ one, which is hit-and-miss. My BCK haks enable the buildings to show up properly in mods like Baldur’s Gate Reloaded, so I don’t imagine a 2da issue being the problem. I even tested by placing my placeables.2da in the override.

As far as I know, I’m using the latest ones for SoZ. Which ones do you use?




I’d take a look at PJ’s Placeable Cornucopia set.


Thanks. I’m just fixing the erfs as I work. If it were a 2da issue then Baldur’s Gate Reloaded would have some very strange looking buildings and missing parts.